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Lead the Way, by Dr. Bill Ziegler, is designed to Equip, Encourage, and Empower Principals to Lead the Way for Students, Teachers, and their School Community to Thrive!

Dec 9, 2018

Principal, Kirk Dolson, leads his school in a way that leverages learning to change lives in a positive way.  Kirk tells the story of how a student made a prosthetic hand for his younger brother in this episode of Lead the Way.  Plus, Kirk shares how Park View HS is a school focused on personalized learning.  


Nov 21, 2018

Mariah Rackley, Principal of Cedar Crest Middle School in Pennsylvania, and a 2018 NASSP Digital Principal Award Winner shares on how to move learning forward through the use of technology.  

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Oct 6, 2018

School leaders need to intentionally build compassionate and empathetic students who are equipped to take on the challenges of our world. 

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Sep 23, 2018

Culture that makes positive change takes work and skill.  A positive school culture is not something that happens by accident, it requires the leader to be intentional and focused.  Danny "Sunshine" Bauer, the host of Better Leaders, Better Schools shares how school leaders can build a school culture that builds...

Aug 30, 2018

Derek shares how school leaders can build collaborative learning spaces to strengthen the student learning experience and to foster greater collaboration.  

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